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Dr. Andre Pinesett – The Best Pre-Med Services + Coaching Resources

My goal is to make the best pre–med services and coaching resources available to all students, so that any passionate student can have the tools to turn their passion into success. No matter your budget, I have expert instruction available for you. 

Dr. Pinesett is currently a resident anesthesiologist at the University of California, San Diego. Originally a native of Orange County, he received his bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Irvine. He then went on and received his master’s in Public Health from the University of California, Los Angeles, and his medical degree from the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Pinesett Coaching


Dr. Pinesett Takes The Stress Out Of Getting to Medical School By Teaching You How to Manage Your Time, Study Effectively, & Build The Ultimate Medical School Application. He is available for one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Individualized coaching is tailored completely to your needs, whatever they may be. In-person, video-chat and telephone meetings available depending on your location and preference. You have nothing to lose, and a medical school admission to gain!

Dr. Pinesett Web Courses


The best advice bottled up into courses so you can learn at your own pace from anywhere. The value of my courses far exceeds their stated price as I strive to provide at least 5 times the value in every course. As an example, other companies charge anywhere from $500 to $1500 for interview preparation. My interview preparation course is more extensive and more actionable and costs only $199. That means you will get a better outcome and pay a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Group rates and special discounts available; please contact me for more information.

From the Bottom of the pre-med pack
The Five Pillars of Studying Less
How To Dominate Pre-Med: The Definitive Guide

Live Events

Dr. Pinesett’s goal is to make the best pre-med resources and consultation affordable and available to all students. As part of his mission to make expert advice affordable, Dr. Pinesett hosts workshops and lectures multiple times a year. The group format makes for an engaging environment and reduces the cost to you substantially. There's even FREE events. His speeches and workshops help high school, college and graduate students improve their academic performance, while reducing their work time, resulting in a pleasurable educational experience. 


Andre Matter of Mind Keynote
Dr. Pinesett Key Note Speaker


If you’re looking for a speaker with the perfect combination of motivation, content and relatability, then look no further! You can trust Dr. Pinesett to energize and inspire your audience in ways that impact their lives for years to come. Speeches and seminars on improving grades, reducing stress and creating a fulfilling life of continuous self-improvement. Breakout sessions cover every aspect of student-life so you can overcome any challenge you may be facing with finding success in higher education. Customized topic content, duration and delivery modality based on you and your audience’s needs. Over 10 years of experience engaging young students from diverse backgrounds and instilling the confidence and skill necessary to unlock their boundless potential. Dr. Pinesett will tailor his presentation to the requirements of your group.


Dr. Pinesett has made it his mission to change lives and that’s exactly what he’s done for me.

Pre-Health Student

I always feel energized and inspired every time after talking to him. Dr. Pinesett is such a great mentor and advisor. Thanks to him, I am ready for any challenge that comes.

Pre-Med Student

Dr. Pinesett has changed me and my spirit in so many ways; allowed me to believe in myself and my potential. He helped me with my study skills and taught me not be scared to work harder then I ever have before to achieve my goals. Lastly, he taught me what its like to truly be a good person to the root, and I want to thank him for that. I will never forget the things I have learned from him.

Pre-Med Student

I can proudly say I am now a medical student and will one day be able to serve as a physician in my community. Dr. Pinesett is a big reason for that. My parents are from Mexico, and didn’t go to college. It was hard, I didn’t fit in. He never let me make excuses or quit on myself.

UC Medical Student

Can’t thank Dr. Pinesett enough. He’s more than a mentor, he is a friend. He’s always there for me.

Pre-Med Student

Dr. Pinesett is the best! I met him my sophomore year and he guided me every step of the way and encouraged me to just go for it. I went for it and got into my top choice med school.

Ivy League Medical Student

No Excuses, 
Just Dominate!

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